Community Overview/Profile

The Milpitas Unified School District is located in the city of Milpitas in the northeastern corner of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County. The MUSD serves the educational needs of nearly 10,000 kindergarten through high school students.

  • The District has a very diverse student population with nearly 50 different languages and dialects spoken
  • English Learners — 27%
  • Students on Free or Reduced Meal Plan — 33%


CASSY Services

Schools We Serve

  • Milpitas High School
  • Calaveras Hills High School
  • Russell Middle School
  • Rancho Middle School
  • Burnett Elementary
  • Curtner Elementary
  • Pomeroy Elementary
  • Randall Elementary
  • Rose Elementary
  • Sinnott Elementary
  • Weller Elementary
  • Zanker Elementary

CASSY began its partnership with the Milpitas Unified School District in November 2011, delivering a comprehensive mental health program to Milpitas High School and Calaveras Hills High School. In the fall of 2012, we added The Community Day School and the two middle schools. In January 2012 we added service for six of the district’s nine elementary schools. We added two of the remaining three elementary schools during the 2013-14 school year.  As a result, CASSY provides near complete K-12 coverage for the entire Milpitas Unified School District.

At these schools, we provide the following services:

  • Individual, Group & Family Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention & Treatment
  • Suicide & Depression Awareness Campaigns
  • Staff Support & Training
  • Parent Consultation
  • Community Outreach

CASSY also works with the district to present the community outreach program, Every 15 Minutes. This program is designed to educate teenagers and their families on the potential dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving.

Year End Report

Program Measurement

To assess our services, CASSY uses both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data consists of measuring the following at the beginning and end of treatment:

  • The Children’s Global Assessment Scale (CGAS) is an assessment developed by the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University to provide a global measure of level of functioning in children and adolescents. Our goal is to observe an increase in overall functioning through counseling, which is measured by a pre- and post- CGAS assessment.
  • The Walker-McConnell Scale is a social competency questionnaire for elementary and middle school children completed by the student’s teacher. This information assists the therapists in developing therapeutic goals for the student.
  • The Developmental Assets Profile Survey is a questionnaire completed by middle and high school students measuring positive assets in their life. Through counseling, we anticipate there will be an increase of positive assets in the student’s life.
  • For a qualitative assessment, CASSY sends surveys to students, parents and school staff to rate our services at the end of the year.



  • “The program was very enlightening for me. The counselors gave me great advice on several different topics and helped me keep on the right track.”
  • “I would strongly advise anyone who needs help to sign up for CASSY.”
  • “I was really scared about coming here and talking but it turned out to be the best thing I could have asked for. I’ve changed a lot.”
  • “CASSY gave me hope. I made a lot of progress in the last few months.”


  • “Very helpful not only in counseling but with referral to outside services and coordination of all resources.”
  • “Thank you very much for your wonderful help. I very much appreciate it.”
  • “My child reports that the anger management group has been great.”
  • “A point of light in a mostly dark world when it comes to mental health.”


  • “We had such a horrible beginning of the year. Hearing the presentation on depression has opened my eyes. Thank you for what you do.”
  • “Excellent assistance in crisis and other situations.”
  • “Great job. The students I referred were grateful for your services.”
  • “CASSY has made a huge difference for our students.”